Life Insurance Prices – Rising Premiums

Rising Life Insurance Prices

Life Insurance PricesRecent figures show life insurance prices are rising due to new tax regulations targeting insurance profits.

The latest European Legislation requires insurance brokers to offer unisex rates on all types of life insurance policies which has subsequently significantly increased the cost of life insurance for women who in the past paid less due to a longer life expectancy than men.

Conversely, other types of health insurance such as critical illness cover and income protection are typically cheaper for men since they tend to make less claims.

Rising Costs for Insurers

Life Insurance Prices

These latest Governmental reforms have effectively increased costs for insurers as previously insurance companies were able to offset life insurance costs from profits made on their investments, however this new legislation has now prevented this from happening.

As a result, insurers costs have risen and many have subsequently passed these costs on to consumers via higher life insurance premiums. Therefore, choosing the right insurer and policy has never been so important when considering your circumstances and budget.

Why Choose Permanent Alliance?

Permanent Alliance

As an independent FSA regulated organisation, we offer free impartial advice for you to get the very best deal for your life insurance policy.

We deal directly will all of the UK insurers and thereby find you the very best deal to suit your exact requirements and budget.

Once we have found you the very best deal, we can also handle all of the paper work on your behalf so you don’t have to worry about filling out lots of complicated forms.

Nowadays with Permanent Alliance, it is so very easy to get fantastic prices on the very best life insurance policies.

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