Health Insurance – Rising NHS Waiting Lists

Rising NHS Waiting Lists

Urgent measures are being called for after recent evidence from government figures revealed a sharp rise in NHS waiting lists. In some areas of the country, patients are having to wait up to twice as long for operations!

Furthermore, the NHS in England have consistently missed its A&E waiting time target in the first quarter of 2013 putting a number of lives at risk due to significant delays in operations (BBC News, 2013).

Even more worrying, a report from Sir Richard Thompson, President of the Royal College of Physicians, shows that patients are waiting more than four hours in A&E before admission, transfer or discharge!

A&E Figures

Source: King’s Fund/NHS England

These worrying figures clearly make a case for investing in a Private Medical Health Insurance policy which has so many advantages. With a growing population who are living longer, the NHS is clearly struggling to cope with the demand in terms of both time and cost. This ultimately has a detrimental effect on the level of care which can be provided which is why so many people are now investing in Private Medical Health Insurance.

Why Invest in Private Medical Health Insurance?

Private Medical Health Insurance, otherwise known as PMI, is an insurance policy designed to cover the costs of private medical advice and treatment in the event of an illness.¬†Having a suitable PMI policy can save a lot of unnecessary concern and stress should you fall ill as it can be used to settle medical bills in the policyholder’s lifetime.

Benefits of Health Insurance

There are many benefits of investing in a Private Medical Health Insurance policy:

  • No queues: You don’t have to wait for private treatment.
  • Peace of mind: Treatment is as fast as it can be.
  • Choice: There is a wide variety of choice and options such as choosing your consultant and where you would like to be treated.
  • Private room: No concerns about being placed in a mixed-gender ward. Depending on the type of private medical health insurance policy, you may have an ensuite bathroom.
  • Unrestricted visiting hours – Access to see your family, friends and loved ones whenever you choose.
  • Personal care: You are not bothered by an array of medical students accompanying the consultant, nor will you be kept waiting for hours to see them, leaving you more time to discuss your concerns and issues.
  • Continuity of care: you are likely to be seen by the same consultant throughout your treatment.
  • Specialist claim team: Permanent Alliance are qualified and certified to offer expert advice over health insurance claims ensuring that you are protected at all times.

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